2022 Honda Civic vs 2022 Toyota Corolla

June 9th, 2022 by

We’re sure you can guess which one is our winner!

The Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla certainly have their similarities. After all, they are both compact sedans. Of course, we think the Honda Civic is the superior vehicle. Here’s why:

Back and Better Than Ever

The latest model of the Honda Civic is here, and it’s bringing all you know and love from the previous models—with some upgrades, of course. Let’s take a look at what makes the 2022 Honda Civic so great!


Safety, safety, safety! It’s no surprise this should be one of the most important—if not, the most important feature—to look for in a vehicle. When it comes to safety, the Civic is your car! While we know the Corolla has its own set of safety features, we think the Civic ultimately reigns superior in this category.

The Honda Sensing, the automaker’s driver-assist technology, has some great features. One of these is the steering assistance, which keeps you centered in your lane. Additionally, Sensing displays all the surrounding vehicles in the instrument cluster display. 

Interior Space

More space equals more comfort, and that is exactly what you’ll find in the Honda Civic. The wheelbase here is longer than that of the Corolla. This means the cabin will be more spacious, giving passengers a higher level of comfort due to the level of legroom available, which is 42.3 inches in the front and 37.4 inches in the back. This offers more than the Corolla’s 42.0 and 34.8 inches.

Do you also need more cargo space? The trunk space beats out the Corolla too! The Civic has 14.8 cubic feet of trunk space, while the Corolla only has 13.1 cubes. We think it’s pretty clear the Civic is the best option when it comes to space. We know the most comfortable drives occur when there is ample space, so your comfort should be a priority.

Top Tier Tech

The technology of the Civic certainly feels more current than that of the Corolla. The Honda Civic features a premium Bose sound system, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Even the instrument cluster is completely digital, feeling sleeker than the half-digital, half-analog style of the Corolla. The infotainment display in the Civic is also bigger and better. It comes in at 9 inches, while 8 inches is the largest available size for Toyotas.

Driving Experience

Rated “Most Fun to Drive” by Car and Driver, the Honda Civic is sure to provide a very enjoyable driving experience. That happiness is only amplified by the way this car handles bumps in the road. The Corolla, on the other hand, does not provide that comfort, and therefore, the bumpy roads are way more noticeable. 

Ride in Style

The upgraded design of the Honda Civic is very sleek and sporty. The car’s frame is lower and wider, while the glass areas are expanded. This not only looks great from the outside but also provides an even better view from the inside. 

With upgraded safety features, more space, modern technology, a smoother driving experience, and a sporty style, the Honda Civic wins this competition by a mile. We think you’ll agree! Stop by Tyrell Honda today to see our inventory and test drive a vehicle.

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