Here’s the Inside Scoop on the Best Family Activities in Cheyenne, Wyoming

September 30th, 2021 by

There’s Plenty to Do!

Fall is in full swing in Cheyenne, and there are plenty of adventures to go on before winter arrives! Between the decent(ish) temperatures and the crisp autumn air, it’s the perfect time for daytime trips and long evening drives alike! 

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Before winter arrives, however, there are plenty of family-friendly adventures to be had around Cheyenne in your new Honda! 

No list of Cheyenne’s top destinations would be complete without mentioning the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. You don’t need to know anything about plants or flowers to appreciate the 27 different landscapes on display, which offer a look into the flora and climates of places all over the world! What makes these botanical gardens such an awesome family destination is that you can visit them on both warm and cold days. During nice days, you can enjoy all of the scenic outdoor landscapes, while the massive indoor tropical conservatory offers a refreshing change of scenery during cold, chilly days. 

If you’ve got particularly curious children, then consider visiting the Cheyenne Visitor Center to grab a map of the Cheyenne Big Boots. You’ve probably seen several of these 8-foot  boots as you’ve driven around, but did you know that there are 19 in total? Each one has a story attached to it that both celebrates the state’s history and reflects on its unique culture. You can make a weekend out of tracking down these boots and soak up plenty of beautiful autumn ambiance in the process! 

If finding all 19 cowboy boots isn’t for you, then consider checking out the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum. This destination is exactly what it sounds like–a celebration of the history and mythology of Cheyenne’s frontier era. In addition to learning all sorts of interesting snippets about life during this time, the museum also comes with plenty of lessons as to how the frontier spirit of Cheyenne lives to this day! If nothing else, learning just how dangerous wagon trips used to be will make you appreciate your Honda even more!

Once the leaves start to turn, you’ve only got a limited amount of time to appreciate the peak autumn season at Curt Gowdy State Park, but the sheer beauty of it makes a weekend trip worthwhile. The numerous hiking trails showcase some of the most beautiful natural landscapes that Wyoming has to offer, and there’s plenty of A+ camping territory for people who want to turn their hikes into full-on adventures. If nothing else, driving around the connecting roads with some hot chocolate is a perfect day trip for the whole family! 

We’ve talked a lot about experiencing these Cheyenne locations in a new Honda, and there’s a reason for that: no other brand of car offers the same luxury, safety, and accessibility–especially at Honda’s affordable prices! If you want even more reasons why Hondas are the perfect family cars for getting around Cheyenne, then visit Tyrrell Honda today!