Here’s What Safety Features to Expect from the 2022 Honda Civic

June 2nd, 2021 by

Meet the New Honda Car That’s Turning Heads and Setting Safety Records

Honda fans will need no further introduction to the upcoming 2022 Honda Civic. Since first driving off the assembly line in the 1970s, the Civic has seen several generations of upgrades, enhancements, and innovations transform it into the sleek sedan that it is today. 

Over the last 11 generations of the car, the Civic has seen a lot of changes. Whereas the original line of 1972 Honda Civics were compact, three-door hatchbacks, the current lineup is a staple of sporty, turbocharged sedans. 

Despite all of the changes that have occurred over the last 40 years of the Civic’s life, one central aspect has remained unchanged: its cutting-edge safety technology. The original Honda Civic models were widely praised for offering unparalleled driver visibility and maneuverability in crowded streets—two factors that went a long way toward preventing accidents. 

In 2021, the new Honda Civic’s safety features extend far, far beyond that. Featuring the latest state-of-the-art safety technology, Honda’s breakthroughs in passenger safety shine through the implementation of five key features. 

Top 5 Honda Civic Safety Features

One of the most immediately noticeable innovations in the new 2022 Honda Civic is its Traffic Sign Recognition features. This system is capable of recognizing traffic signs using an onboard camera to increase driver safety. By scanning traffic signage and displaying the information on the Civic’s Driver Information Interface, the Civic can keep drivers aware of road considerations by providing them information that could otherwise be lost in the visual noise of the road.  

While Adaptive Cruise Control is hardly a new feature, it’s difficult not to appreciate all of the subtle improvements that Honda has made to this system in the 2022 Honda Civic. Combined, these changes make for a higher quality driving experience through several algorithmic features. Chief among these are a set of safety calculations made while adjusting cruise control that automatically keeps your car traveling a set interval behind the car in front of you to minimize collision risk. Additionally, Honda’s cruise control systems now take a wider, more robust range of factors into consideration when adjusting speed to provide a smoother, safer ride. 

Lane Keeping Assist is exactly what it sounds like: a system that makes steering easier by keeping your car centered in your lane. For parents of teen drivers, this feature comes with additional peace of mind. Whether navigating busy traffic or cruising down the highway, drivers won’t have to worry about drifting out of their lanes thanks to the Honda Civic’s subtle steering adjustments.

Speaking of staying in one lane, the Road Departure Mitigation System can detect if drivers cross over into parts of the road without signaling. In addition to providing steering assistance to prevent lane drift, this system can also provide emergency braking to prevent drivers from leaving the road altogether. 

These emergency braking capabilities are also present in the final key feature of the 2022 Honda Civic’s safety suite: a Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). Avoiding a rear-end collision can be a split-second decision when driving at higher speeds, and this system removes the margin of error. By applying specialized brake pressure to your wheels, the CMBS can help bring your car to a stop in situations where it determines that a frontal collision would otherwise be unavoidable. 

In addition to all of these amazing systems, the 2022 Honda Civic boasts one key safety feature that’s bigger than just the sum of its parts: the knowledge that the car’s passengers are as protected as possible. Whether you’re driving your family to an after-school soccer game or commuting home after a long day at work, it’s impossible to put a price on that peace of mind. 


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