Here’s What to Expect From the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan

August 6th, 2021 by

There’s a lot to be excited about from this redesigned Honda classic! 

The Honda Civic is a car that needs no introduction. It’s one of the most recognizable models in Honda’s all-star lineup for a reason: few other vehicles have achieved the level of accessible, sporty fun that’s come standard in every single generation of the Honda Civic.

Now, the upcoming Honda Civic Sedan offers drivers to enjoy the Honda Civic in a completely new way. The 11th generation of this model celebrates everything that’s made the Civic so successful while offering a refreshed approach to compact cars. 

To that end, let’s take a look at the features of the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan that we’re most excited about, starting with: 

The Cockpit Feels Like Something Out of Science Fiction.

Getting behind the wheel of the Civic Sedan for the first time is a somewhat surreal experience. Seasoned Honda drivers will instantly know where all of the features are–from the climate control to the infotainment systems. At the same time, being in full control of the Civic Sedan’s cockpit feels like piloting sophisticated future technology. 

Every aspect of the Civic Sedan’s user experience has been carefully designed and modernized, and that’s especially showcased in the cockpit. Numerous functions have been thoughtfully grouped into digital instrument clusters in order to minimize visual noise without impacting the control that the driver has over them. Additionally, this car boasts a top-of-the-line infotainment system that lets you stream crystal clear audio, send messages, check the news, access navigation, and more. 

It’s Got Good Gas Mileage. Like, Really Good.

Nobody should be surprised that a Honda Civic model gets good gas mileage. Its ability to travel a seemingly endless distance on a single tank made it a popular car for commuters, road-trippers, and teenage drivers alike. True to form, the Honda Civic Sedan delivers a gas mileage so robust that you’ll need to find somewhere else to stock up on Slim Jims because you won’t be visiting the station frequently enough. 

Forty miles per gallon. That’s the Honda Civic Sedan’s highway mileage. You read that correctly. When caught in full city traffic, the mileage drops slightly to 31 miles per gallon, although it’s likely that drivers will be able to zip down open roads and enjoy the full benefits of its highway rates. This amazing mileage doesn’t just translate to lower gas bills and less time spent stressing about the orange light turning on–it also means that drivers will be producing a lower carbon footprint than they would with almost any other combustion engine. 

As Always, It’s Affordable.

Since first driving off the assembly lines in 1972, Honda Civic models have cultivated a reputation for delivering incredible value at affordable prices. It’s worth noting that this is different from how the word affordable is usually used–as a euphemism for cheap

Despite its consistently low sticker price, the Honda Civic gives drivers an incredible value for their purchase–both at the point-of-sale and in the years that follow. As the Civic is such a reliable car, it retains value at a much higher velocity than its competition, meaning that buying one ensures you’ll have reliable transportation for years to come–and will be able to get a good trade-in value when you finally decide to move on. 

Did we mention that the Civic Sedan is launching with a base price of $21,700? You read that correctly: this car manages to outperform its competition while costing significantly less than them. 

If you’d like even more reasons to be excited about the Honda Civic Sedan, or want to test drive one for yourself, then swing by Tyrrell Honda today! 

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