These Are Our Four Favorite Things About the 2022 Honda CRV

March 23rd, 2022 by

Invigorating. Energetic. Economical. Ergonomical. 

There are a LOT of flattering words you can use to describe the Honda CRV, and those are just the ones that start with E! There’s no shortage of compliments that you can find with the other 25 letters of the alphabet. 

Anyone who’s even incidentally familiar with Honda knows how storied and celebrated the CR-V is. This vehicle has been a favorite for family drivers since it first drove off the assembly line in 1997. That’s right: there are adult drivers today who have lived their entire lives with the CR-V available as a reliable, accommodating, and affordable option. Very few other models can brag about that kind of longevity. 

There’s no single secret to the CR-V’s success. Rather, each generation has been defined by countless quality-of-life decisions that make the vehicle uniquely suited to crunchy commutes and cross-country drives alike. 

To that end, these are our four favorite parts of the newest member of the family, the 2022 Honda CR-V.

Smooth, Responsive Hybrid Options 

While this feature isn’t going to be in every 2022 CR-V, the perks of Honda’s newest hybrid generation make it well worth the switch to electric. The CR-V’s EX Hybrid trim comes with two electric motors that pair with its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to produce a smooth and sustained 212 horsepower drive. 

Making the switch to a hybrid engine with other brands can often mean making sacrifices in speed, performance, or consistency. Here, it’s the exact opposite. Even better, the 2022 EX Hybrid version of the CR-V comes with noise-canceling design features that minimize engine drone and road noise–translating an experience that’s smoother on the ears too. 

Mind-Blowing MPG

There’s no way to dress up a vehicle’s estimated miles-per-gallon. It remains one of the clearest indicators of a vehicle’s efficiency and (by extension) the cost of driving the car. To that end, the Honda CR-V features an incredible 32 MPG on its base trims, a number that goes up even further if you choose the hybrid trim. 

How much more? Expect to start reliably getting 40 MPG for city driving. 

You read that correctly. There’s a nonzero chance that you’ll forget what gas stations even look like when driving this car.

A Sci-Fi Amount of Space

You know those books and movies where a vehicle (or building)  is magically bigger on the inside than it is on the outside? That’s a real phenomenon with the 2022 Honda CR-V.

Granted, there’s no actual magic (that we know of) going into its design, but it will sure feel that way once you’re behind the wheel! The result is that the 2022 CR-V boasts 103 cubic feet of passenger space, with an extra 33 cubic feet of designated storage space. 

That enough space that sitting in the backseat during a coast-to-coast road trip feels like a reward, not a punishment. 

Safety, Safety, Safety!

Given the CR-V’s size and seating, it’s an incredibly intuitive family car. Whether you’re using it to navigate a strict before-school commuting schedule or ferrying around the little league team in the evening, it’s amazing for accommodating kids, teens, and weird in-laws alike.

Naturally, safety is a huge priority for any family vehicle. No matter how comfortable a car is, plush seats and climate control can’t match the knowledge that your passengers are protected by the best engineering that Honda has to offer. 

The CR-V’s features have earned it a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and similar accolades from the IIHS too. If people whose jobs involve caring about vehicle safety think that this is an impressive car, we’re inclined to agree with them!

Of course, there are a lot more than four reasons to love the 2022 Honda CR-V! While we could list them ALL out here, it’s much faster just to schedule a test drive and see for yourself! Swing by Tyrrell Honda today to get behind the wheel and discover why the CR-V is an awesome entry to a storied lineage.