What Does It Mean When a Honda Engine Is “Turbocharged”?

June 9th, 2022 by

Add more zest to your engine!

Honda offers an array of vehicles that come with turbocharged engines, and they have used this technology as early as 2008. Now, there are many models in Honda’s lineup that offer different types of turbocharged engines. Read on to learn more about turbo engines and their benefits!

Turbocharged Engine

So, what does it mean for an engine to be “turbocharged”? A turbo engine uses turbine power and forced induction, which work to push extra compressed air and extra fuel into the combustion chamber.


Now that we know how turbocharged engines work, what does that mean in terms of performance? Turbocharged engines are very beneficial because they are more powerful and more fuel-efficient than engines that are naturally aspirated, truly giving the driver the best of both worlds. Turbo engines can be smaller, without compromising power, due to the fact there can be as much as 50% more airflow through the turbo.

Supercharged vs. Turbocharged

You may have also heard the term “supercharged” when it comes to engines. While it sounds similar to turbocharged, it’s not actually the same thing. Turbochargers used to be called superchargers, but the term has since taken on a new meaning. Turbo engines work, as we mentioned, by using a turbine that is powered by the exhaust gas, which then forces extra air into the combustion chamber. A supercharger, on the other hand, is typically powered by a belt that connects to the crankshaft. There is also something called a twincharger. A twincharger utilizes both a supercharger and a turbocharger.

VTEC Turbo

The VTEC engine is a Honda original. This stands for “variable valve timing and lift electronic control.” The VTEC Turbo uses a turbocharger paired with a direct injection system and a variable valve timing mechanism. Together, these create a smooth power in both low and high revs. Honda’s engine even performs well on regular gasoline. Additionally, it’s, of course, fuel-efficient. Honda’s innovative technology has worked incredibly well over the years, proving the brand to be a master of maintaining, and improving, efficiency and power, among other great qualities. Driving may not always be fun, but it can be a lot more enjoyable with a powerful and smooth engine like the VTEC Turbo, all while being more environmentally friendly!

If you’re looking for a ride that has an extra punch of power, a turbocharged engine could be the choice for you. Don’t forget, these engines are also fuel-efficient! Here at Tyrrell Honda, we can’t wait to help find you the perfect vehicle, equipped with the perfect engine for your lifestyle. Reach out today to take one for a test drive!